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PRI members enjoy the following benefits:

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Reduced or free admission to PRI events

Priority registration for all PRI events, workshops, activities

Free access to PRI's library of over 1,000 texts

Free access to more than 50 PRI recordings from talks, symposia and other events

Free access to all PRI resources

Detail Dukt'tool Gass house post. Vivianite used to create shadows and animation. Whale Ho

Connect with other pigment people around the world in our Forum, Where in the World are You?, and our Pigment Community Profiles (coming soon). 

Start or join a local chapter of PRI

Are you looking for a mentor? 

Would you like to become a mentor? 

Participate in our Mentorship program!


And, ​

  • Promote your exhibitions, courses and events through PRI

  • Include your events in PRI’s calendar

  • Participate in PRI Library reading groups

  • Contribute journal articles, request peer review, publish online at PRI

  • Contribute book reviews

  • Contribute educational and research content on PRI website

Membership fee schedule per year (USD):
Student (for a reduced student membership please fill out this application)
Renewing member---$45.
New member---$60.

Institutional membership: $400.

Non-profit membership: $150.

To become a member, click the login/signup button at the bottom of any page. 

Join us in building our community and resources: BECOME A MEMBER!
PRI is a global, member-supported organization and we rely on membership fees and donations to fund this website along with our events, programming and content, as well as our scholarship program and so much more.
When you become a member you are joining an international cohort of creatives, researchers, educators and others who are working to advance knowledge and practices and helping perpetuate the ancient relationship between humans and pigments. 

Join PRI to support our work and engage in our programs.

If you would prefer to support PRI's work through donation, please can the QR code.

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Testing pigments by streak-testing on another stone
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