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May 1st, 2022, PRI held a Launch Party for the organization featuring Tea Ghigo Caroline Nicolay Kim Selvaggi in discussion about their pigment-related specialties. Tea talked about the types of materials used for inks in ancient Egypt and Europe, Caroline shared information about Iron Age use of pigments (a very understudied part of pigment history!), and Kim Selvaggi discussed fugitive lake pigments. 

PRI celebrates World Pigment Day with a QnA featuring notables in the global pigment community discussing their work and answering questions from the audience.

Features: Caroline Ross--Foraging

Mia Urem--Microbial pigments

Lucy Mayes--Waste stream pigments Catalina Christensen--Processing pigments

Join wild pigment forager and artist, Crystie Tarr, as she takes us into the field to forage for pigments. Crystie shares her methods of finding and processing pigments from the ground up.

Artist and author of "Renaissance Mysteries", Michael Price shares his expertise on two blue pigments: lapis and azurite.

A brief description of the special red earth in Hawaii.

Artist and author of "Renaissance Mysteries", Michael Price shares a wealth of knowledge and experience about what types of binders work best with various pigments.

Catalina Christensen, artist and founder of the Wilderness Art Collective, and Lucy Mayes of London Pigment, and former Cornelissen employee, give us an insider's tour of second oldest pigment purveyor in the world. 

In this video we're given a behind-the-scenes look at work going on at Colonial Williamsburg that demonstrates the extensive use of red ochre by some of the earliest colonists in the US. 

Sydney shares information about the history of and types of pigments found in Mississippi.

Julie Beeler, creator of the Mushroom Color Atlas shares information about her processes and results with creating dyes and lake pigments from the incredible variety of colors produced by different types of fungi.

Catalina takes us on a fun tour of her favorite, and unique, hacks for processing pigments.

Journey into both the micro and macro worlds of microbial and fungal pigments in this rich exploration of hidden worlds.

Archaeologist and curator at the Origins Centre in Johannesburg S Africa, Dr Tammy Hodgskiss Reynard takes us on a journey into deep-time use of ochre.

Join Sabine and Lucy as they explore and share the secrets of L Cornelissen's pigment archive. Cornelissen's is one of the oldest colormen in Europe and has amassed an incredible collection of pigments during their time.

Artist, material researcher and educator, Elisabeth Heying, gives us an in-depth tutorial of the technology of paint systems, and a survey of the various paint binders that hold pigments together.

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